Atletica Documentation

1. Introduction

Thank you for purchasing our theme! Atletica is a ghost theme for fitness bloggers with some great features and options!

2. Installation

To install the theme go to Click the 'Upload theme' button and upload Once you see the 'Upload successful!' message, click 'Activate'. The theme is now installed and activated!

There are 2 navigation menus at your disposal. The primary navigation is used in the header and the footer. The secondary navigation adds a dropdown menu next to the primary navigation within the header. We recommend only adding 3-4 items to the primary menu items and to make use of the secondary menu for additional items. To edit these menus go to

4. Design

To edit your design settings go to Below are all of the custom settings that come with the theme.


The default ghost settings:

  • Site description
  • Accent color
  • Publication icon
  • Publication logo
  • Publication cover

Note: Due to the design and aesthetic of this theme, the publication cover option is not supported.


Global settings such as font, header and footer:

  • Heading font
  • Heading font weight
  • Body font
  • Heading subscribe button
  • Secondary navigation label
  • Footer logo
  • Footer attribution


Settings related to the call to action at the bottom of the homepage:

  • CTA (hide/show)
  • CTA image
  • CTA subtitle
  • CTA title
  • CTA button label

Note: The other sections on the homepage are pulled in automatically. The hero and featured posts sections pull in posts that are marked as featured. The popular tags section pulls in tags that have the most posts associated with them.


Contains a simple toggle to hide/show the share links.

5. Recommendations

  • There should always be at least one featured post
  • All posts should have feature images
  • All tags should have images
  • The primary menu should contain 3-4 items. For additional menu items, use the secondary menu
  • The primary color should be a darker color that has sufficient contrast on top of a white background

6. Support

For support inquiries please visit